Moldova Transition Homes

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Help us stop human traffickingAt the age of 16 to 17, most children in Moldovan orphanages are released to be on their own. Based on data provided by the U.S. Embassy, Moldova is one the 11 the poorest countries of the World and the center of human trafficking in Europe. Each year thousands of young men and women are drawn into labor and sex slavery from Moldova. A new and very disturbing trend is the growth of human organ harvesting. In most of the cases orphans are targeted, as they are the most vulnerable. Once an orphan reaches the age of 16 or 17, they are usually discharged from the only home they have ever known, but with little money, very few resources or protection, and almost no life-skills. A well-developed network of mafia-like gangs waits the dismissal of these teensagers, sometimes with the collusion of the orphanage staff, and lures them with promises of money, jobs and a group of friends. But in the end, their horrible fate is usually as modern-day slaves in the sex or labor trades in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

New Hope Moldova is working to give these orphan "graduates" a chance to be saved from this horrible fate by providing family based homes, known as transition homes. These homes provide these vulnerable teens a place of safety, care, love, and training, preparing them for real life outside the walls of the orphanage. Family based homes are run in partnership with local churches, and legalized by the local authorities. The target number for one transition home is 10-15 kids each (boys and girls homes live in separate homes). In each home, a strong Christian couple serves as parents to these teens, mentoring them in faith and life skills that they should gained as children. At present New Hope Moldova runs two transitional homes that each serve about 10 teens, and the results so far have been wonderful.

New Hope's desire is to open more such homes near key orphanages across the country. They are currently building a third transition home in the large town of Orhei, which is in a very strategic location at the cross-roads of international highways, with two orphanages nearby, one for 350 kids and another for 360 kids with special needs. Orhei gives opportunities to the kids to study in high schools, college, and to have access to medical care. New Hope Moldova is thankful for those who have given towards the building of the home in Orhei, and are praying for more believers who will partner with them to see it completed. They are very thankful to God and you for the opportunities that we’re given to serve the Oprhans of Moldova.

New Hope is building and staffing transition homes for these teenager in desperate need of spiritual direction and job training before they find their way in society. Your partnership is deeply appreciated!